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Copy by Corinna

Conscious copywriting for
women-led and sustainable businesses.

Copy by Corinna, sustainable copywriter for hire

Empowering women-led and sustainable businesses through conscious copy.

Does your business have the right words to convert browsers to buyers?

🥵A blank document has you breaking out in sweats.

😱You tense as you sit down to write copy for your product or brand.

😤You know what you offer is amazing, but you just…can’t find the right words to say it.

You don’t have to struggle through these writing pains alone!


In fact, you don’t have to struggle through them at all (pause here to celebrate 🥳).

Copy by Corinna is your one-stop shop for nailing your product or business through unique and creative copy that elevates your brand and vision.

Whether you're...

Designing a website from scratch

Creating a product sales page

Writing blogs or newsletters that actually get people to buy

Unsure how to make your product stand out

Let's nail your copy from start to finish and guaranteed increased time on your website and interest in your product.

No more stressing about...

Brand consistency 

Meaningless buzzwords

Redundant sentences

Staring at a blank page with no idea what to write

Having your brand stand out in a competitive market is SO important.


You need copywriting expertise to help you navigate the crazy world of online sales.
Good news!
I have the copywriting expertise; you bring your passion to your business.

Happy Clients:

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Hi, I'm Corinna

Copy by Corinna logo

With a decade of writing experience in marketing for giant companies that only cared about their end-of-year bonuses, I finally decided that enough was enough.


It was time to write for businesses that cared about their customers and their impact.

I started Copy by Corinna to give you a one-stop shop for nailing your business* through a unique and creative copy that fits your brand and vision. 

With my trusty puppy by my side (or on my lap) and tea in my mug, I want to get to know you, your story, your business, and your goals. No matter how big or small, your company has something to say! Let's shout it from the rooftops together!


Book a FREE collaboration call today and see if my services suit you and your business.

*or product, website, newsletter, sales page, etc.

Copy by Corinna, sustinable copywriter

Services & Rates

*Prices subject to change depending on project specifications
Copy by Corinna, sustainable copywriter

Wow your Website

  • A 4-page SEO-optimised website with copy

  • Website design

  • 2 rounds of website design edits so we nail your brand

  • A one-on-one walkthrough of navigating your site so you can make changes as your business grows

Total: £2,500

Boost your Blogs

  • 4 blogs (1,000 words each) 

  • Social media content (picture/video and text) to accompany each blog

  • A spine-tingling call to action to inspire your readers

Total: £1,500

Nail your Newsletters

  • 4 newsletters (1,000 words each) optimised for sales, welcoming new readers, etc.

  • Outlines for 4 more newsletters to continue engaging your audience

Total: £1,300

Bespoke Services

This is not a comprehensive list, I am always happy to take on new projects that fit your business needs

  • Website design (without copy)

  • Website copy, per page

  • Blog posts (1,000 words)

  • Social media posts

  • Email newsletters (1,000 words)

  • Press release

  • Grant applications 

  • Meta ad creation

  • Meta ads set-up

  • eBooks

  • Product descriptions

  • Case studies

Values & Ethos

I pledge to provide the best tactics for you and your business. Below are the values and ethos that I promise to adhere to as we work together:

Conscious Copy

According to IBM, 72% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for sustainable and/or environmentally responsible brands. You need the right words to express your efforts without sounding the greenwash alarm. I can help you translate complex topics for an audience willing to take action and inspire others. 

One-on-One Expertise

You aren't a passive observer in your business. You are in control! I want to help you develop skills to go forward with new tools in your arsenal to boost your business. To achieve the best results for your brand, I am committed to getting to know you and ensuring you feel comfortable putting your brand in my hands.

In-depth Research

You might not have time to keep up with the latest trends in your industry. I will provide catered market research so you can understand how your audience aligns with you. If you have a brand that inspires you, let me know! 

Editing and Formatting

I'll be the first to admit that I use Grammarly Pro. We all need a little help with our spelling and grammar from time to time. I will ensure your copy stays true to your brand voice while avoiding silly mistakes or misuses of "there" or "their."

Get in Touch

Book a FREE Collaboration Call by filling out the form or email me directly at:

I will try to get back to you within 24 hours!

Book a FREE collaboration call today!

What services are you looking for?

Thanks for contacting me! I will get back to you ASAP.

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